Thursday, October 25, 2012

Non Fattening and Guilt Free Desserts

Found an eBook that shares some great dessert recipes which help in fat burning. Seems like a dream come true.

** Contents **
 - Burn Fat with Brownies… for Breakfast!
 - The Three-Ingredient-Recipe for Burning Fat
 - Healthy Flours: Ditch the Dough-Boy Belly & Melt that Muffin Top with Decadent Desserts
 - Beans: A “Secret” Ingredient for Springy, Moist & Slimming Cakes
 - Low Glycemic Sweeteners: Sweeten Up, Slim Down
 - Agave: Don’t Buy the Health Hype
 - Healthy Fats for Baking: Get Slim By Eating Fat!
 - What is Your Health Worth to You?

You can read it here or download the PDF here.

There is also a more comprehensive book on guilt-free desserts below. Nice!

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