Wednesday, April 20, 2011

12 Simple Rules to Help You Live Longer

The purpose of this blog is to help everyone live up to more than 100 years old, so when I saw an article from Lifehacker on how to live forever, that's really a few levels higher than what I've got here.

A summary would be that if you live by 12 simple rules, you might just live longer (not forever though).

1) No Smoking (huge health risk)
2) No Heavy Drinking (huge health risk)
3) Have Sex (yeah...)
4) No Snacking (not that much at least)
5) Exercise (it's like sports, the more you do, the easier and better you feel)
6) Sleep a lot (you'll wake up feeling great)
7) Regular Flow of Waste (get the waste out of your body regularly)
8) Feel Gratitude (you'll feel alot happier)
9) Mental Exercises (train your brain)
10) Avoid Hospitals (it's easier to catch diseases at such places)
11) Cleanliness (and you'll smell much better too)
12) Avoid Accidents (wear your seatbelts, wait for the green man)

Movie coming soon. I failed the casting though.

If you got 20 mins, hope over and read the full article here:!5781482/how-to-live-forever

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