Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Makeup Tips for Asian Women

Learn how to tackle issues like sallow skin and single eyelids. Plus, other top makeup advice and techniques that flatter Asian features.

1. Asian skintone
Most Asians have a yellow skin undertone, so pick a yellow-based foundation and powder instead of pink-based ones.

If you're lucky enough to have a good complexion, you can choose to skip the foundation. For those who have spots and blemishes, use a good creamy yellow-based concealer with lots of coverage and opacity. Dab concealer on top of the blemish and blend with your finger, then set by dusting a little loose powder all over.

2. Asian lashes
Asian lashes tend to be short and poker-straight. Lash curlers are great for opening up the eyes, but if you love a longer-lasting fuller curl, try using a heated lash curler.

Add definition to your eyelashes with two coats of mascara -- black is the color that complements Asians' black or dark-brown irises. Lengthening mascaras contain micro-fibers to extend lash tips and create the illusion of longer lashes, while thickening mascaras help to volumize if you have thin or sparse lashes. Look for a mascara that comes with a thin brush applicator to reach the entire lash length for a full coat.

3. Asian eyes
Often, Asian eyes lack a crease in the upper eyelid (i.e. single eyelid), or they seem to disappear when the eyes are open. Asian eyelids are also somewhat heavier, making the eyes look tired and puffy.

Add definition with a generous stroke of eyeliner for definition, or try a black eyeshadow for a smoky smudged effect -- this sooty look especially flatters eyes without creases. Apply with a small angled brush, staying close to the lashline.

To disguise puffy lids, blend in brown or apricot matte shadow over the upper lid, sweeping all the way up and out of the outer corner. Blend highlight along the brow bone and along the rim of the inner corner to add dimension.

4. Asian cheekbones
Most Asians have naturally high cheekbones. For a youthful flush, accentuate your cheeks with a blush shade like rose or soft berry that will lift the yellow undertone.

Apply blush with a blush brush and sweep using crescent strokes just below the apples of your cheeks. To locate your cheek apples, just smile -- they're the part of your cheeks that pop out.

For a more dramatic look, apply highlighter to the top of your cheekbones to play up your bone structure.

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