Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant requires knowing your ovulation cycle and having regular sexual intercourse during the most fertile times of the month. Conceive a child more quickly with tips from a gynecologist and obstetrician in this free video on pregnancy.

Here are 5 simple guidelines.
1) Time your sex.
Sperm survives as many as 5 days in the body. So start having sex two days before you ovulate.
2) Stop smoking.
Smoking reduces the chance of pregnancy by as much as 45 percent.
3) Increase vitamin C and E for a month.
Folic acid helps ovulate.
4) Try the "missionary position".
Research has shown that this is the best position to conceive.
5) Lose weight.
Over-weight women take longer to get pregnant and it has little to do with attracting the partner.

If you are having problems or want to accelerate your pregnancy, find more tips here.

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