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Modern Day Top 10 Most Popular Kama Sutra Positions

What is the Kama Sutra about?

Not entirely about sex, "Kama Sutra" was a book written by the Hindu sage Vatsyayana sometime between the first and sixth century A.D. in India. This book depicts the three aims of life as virtue (dharma), prosperity (artha) and love (kama). To assure survival and attain the aims of life, three kinds of activity required; one of which is human reproduction, the importance of which is not something to be taken lightly. Thus, the ultimate erotic guidebook was born: The Kama Sutra (kama meaning 'love' and sutra meaning 'manual').

Whilst everyone in the world has different cultures and beliefs, one thing remains constant, SEX. That's why eventually many people only think of the Kama Sutra as a guide to sexual positions.

What are the most popular positions in our modern day?

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Modern Day Top 10 Most Popular Kama Sutra Positions

10) Doggie
With both of you on your knees and her back arched, you can achieve super deep penetration as well as having hands free for the reach around and a little breast and clitoris caressing. Or if you want to rough things up grab a handful of her mane and reign her in to your needs.

Tip for guys: most ladies love the doggie.

9) Reverse Cowgirl
Facing away from and astride you leaves you open to kick back and enjoy the sight of a prime behind giving you a knowing wink as she rodeos you like the Wild West. And with her hands free to caress her clit and nipples for heightened climax, all you need do is lie there and enjoy the ride while she has the time of her life. And you can't say better than that.

Tip for guys: good for filming.

8) The Plough
On her back with legs resting on your shoulders and your arms tucked behind, this is a real fifty-fifty position needing the full attention of you both. As such, and coupled with that added depth on offer, The Plough is intense, exciting and sweat-inducing in equal measure as you, quite literally, spread the love.

Tip for guys: works great to penetrate deeper, especially for the lesser endowed.

7) Side Saddle Cowgirl
Probably the best bedroom bouncer around, it also offers great profile views of your lady as she gets into her rhythm. Sitting sideways astride you, all you can do is lie back and watch while your girl indulges in the ride of her life. So good you'll want to be ridden forever, but careful you don't get too carried away - being saddle sore is a nasty thing.

Tip for guys: lie back and relax

6) Stand and Deliver
As intimate and personal as sex gets, your girl literally stands while you deliver with the added bonus of plenty of snogging, staring into each others' eyes and the opportunity to get to grips with her bum and its infinite delights. The natural pressure this position exerts on her clitoris should also have her climaxing in record time, ensuring you are indeed the man.

Tip for guys: best if your girl is of similar height

5) Raised Missionary
With back arched and all her weight on her heels and shoulders, you're in perfect position to take total control and dominate her. It also leaves your hands to feel, fondle and fornicate the majesty of her breasts in complete freedom. Excellent.

Tip for guys: keep up some eye contact with your girl

4) Deep Dish
With the missus on her back, legs akimbo and her ankles firmly in your grasp, the view is nothing short of spectacular. And with gravity on your side you're in total control to vary speed, rhythm, penetration and thus the quality of your performance and both your orgasms.

Tip for guys: Tease her for hours and make her come like crazy

3) Lazy Doggie
She lies down, you lie on top of her and the magic happens. All women love this position, as it's apparently sensuous and slow and makes your man meat feel like an elephant's leg with a pumpkin atop.

Tip for guys: try some figure of eight hip action for guaranteed ultra-deep penetration

2) Reverse Spoon
Lying head to toe and side by side offers immediate benefits in the staring at and fondling her nether department.

Tip for guys: remember to wash your feet first

1)The Butterfly
Lie back, admire one of, if not the, greatest views you'll ever behold (depending on the quality of your squeeze) and think of England while she does all the hard work, just as it should be. And thanks to the deep penetration The Butterfly affords, you can both expect mind-melting orgasms aplenty.

Tip for guys: for the ultimately lazy guy and the ultimate viewing pleasure

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