Wednesday, November 4, 2009

9 Flu Prevention Tips

Influenza (or flu) is an infection of the lungs and airways causing a fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose, headache, and muscle aches. Every year, in different countries in the world, widespread outbreaks of influenza occur during the flu season, which typically runs from late-November to March. Those who have had flu even once, know that it is better to prevent the disease rather than treat it.

The following simple tips will help you stay healthy this season:

1. Raw garlic. Garlic is one of the best natural remedies for flu prevention. It kills viruses responsible for colds and the flu, according to tests by a microbiologist at Brigham Young University. You can simply chew chive garlic and you even don't need to swallow it.

2. Drink plenty of fluids. Drinking plenty of water will keep you well hydrated. Proper hydration is essential for strong immune system and overall health. Water is the best, however water with lemon juice sweetened with honey, green tea, herbal tea, or fresh sugar-free juices are also good choices. How to know if you are getting enough of fluids? If the color of your urine is close to clear, you're getting enough. If it's deep yellow, you need more fluids.

3. Stop Smoking. This is the hardest tip to implement, but if you are a smoker and want to protect yourself from the flu - break off your habit. Commonplace advice you hear many times, isn't it? However, an increase in influenza infections among smokers compared to nonsmokers is proven by research studies.

4. Fruits and vegetables. Remember to eat the recommended 5-9 servings per day of fruits and vegetables. Apples have anti-viral properties and are great preventive remedy against flu.

5. Room ventilation. Proper ventilation significantly reduces the concentration of pathogenic bacteria and viruses in the air. Opening windows is an easy and extremely effective natural ventilation technique.

6. Keep the distance. To reduce your chances of infection develop the habit of keeping a distance (about six feet), if possible, between yourself and others during flu epidemic.

7. Hand washing. Human influenza viruses can survive on surfaces up to 48 hours. Washing your hands often for 15-20 seconds with warm water and soap will help protect you from germs.

8. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. A hackneyed tip, but a number of people neglect this well-known simple advice. The eyes, nose and mouth are entry ports for flu viruses. Rubbing your eyes, nose, or mouth is a sure-fire way to get the flu.

9. Flu vaccination is pretty common sense, however to complete the list it was added.

Written by C. Simmons

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