Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Popcorn - the number 1 tooth fracturer

I thought it was a piece of yummy sugar and bit hard on it. In the cinemas, you can't tell a popcorn from a piece of sugar. This un-popped corn fractured my tooth and left me with a few days of tongue irritation.

Upon visiting my dentist, he let me know that popcorn is the number 1 cause of tooth fracture. Something learned today; I'll stay away from popcorn where possible.

Results of dental check:
2 decaying wisdom teeth on top
1 fractured tooth

Filling for all 3 teeth
Removal of wisdom tooth is not a major concern as there isn't much irritation, yet.

SGD $80

The good thing about this dental check:
No bleeding, meaning I have been brushing well. The 3 fillings required were all on unreachable areas, can't help it.

Got to keep up my good teeth habits!

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