Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What is Botox Beauty Treatment

Today with advance of the plastic surgery, lots many new terms are now famous in ordinary people. Botox is a term associated with the beauty treatment. Ordinary people know that it has something to do with beauty therapy. Some people know its use. In this article we will get interesting info about botox.

In nature the bacteria produce many chemicals. There is a bacterium called as bacterium clostridium botulinum. These bacteria produce a neurotoxin protein, this protein is used in cosmetic treatment as botox, It is a brand name of commercially sold variety of this protein. You can easily make out the similarity between it and botulinium, In reality this is most poisonous naturally occurring chemicals, It is very toxic, But if it is used in minute quantities it can be used for cosmetic treatment purpose.

This bacterium grows very fast in the badly prepared or handled meat products.
Hence this poisonous substance is found in the bad meat products. So this toxic Protein was called as "sausage poison". In Latin botulus means "sausage".

In 1870 Muller started using the word botulism. Though it was isolated in 1895 it took nearly fifty years to culture it and isolate it. There is a long journey before we arrive at what we know as botox today.

In 1949 it was found that botulinium toxin can block neuromuscular transmission. In 1973 toxin of type A was used on monkeys for experiments and in 1980 It was used in humans for the first time. The chemical in botox was initially used for treatment of the eye disorders. The doctors' treating the patients found that there was softening in patients frown lines. This gave the idea to the doctors that the chemical can be used for cosmetic treatment purpose. And that the use of the chemical will help get rid of frown lines on face.

The chemical in made medical use progress slowly. In 2002 the FDA of USA gave the permission for the use of botox for cosmetic treatment purpose. Botox injection is now commonly used in cosmetic operations. It is now used in many other medical problems. Migraine headaches can be treated. The cervical dystonia is another medical problem which can be addressed as well.
In this medical problem there is always a neuromuscular disorder involving the neck and head. Involuntary blinking is another medical problem that can be treated. This involuntary blinking is called as blepharospasm in medical jargon. The excessive sweating is a medical problem that can be treated. There are other uses of botox as well.

By Ronnie Wilson

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