Monday, February 4, 2008

Bad news from my eye-check 2008

I went to my usual optician to get a routine checkup and buy my contact lenses. It was all bad findings from the checkup.

Bad findings from tests:
1) Left eye increase 25 degrees
2) Allergy in upper eyelid
- advised to clean lenses better
- can be cured
3) "Bad" eyelid oil glands
- advised to use warm wet towel to warm eye area, then use baby shampoo on a cotten bud to clean the glands
- can be cured
4) Dryness due to long wear, red lines are going into my black eyeball area
- advised that this is due to long wear of lenses and is irreversible
- need better breathing lenses to allow better oxygen flow
5) Grey area surrounds eyeball black area
- advised that this is a sign of high cholesterol and I need to watch my diet
- high cholesterol may lead to heart problems

4 boxes of better breathable lenses at SGD 180

I need to exercise more and contain my diet. No heart problems for me please.

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