Friday, September 11, 2009

Fishy Vaginal Odor | Bacterial Vaginosis Part 2

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Are there complications of bacterial vaginosis?

Once bacterial vaginosis is treated, the problem is usually over. No special follow-up is necessary if the symptoms disappear. The infection is not transmitted sexually so sexual partners need not be treated.

If you are pregnant, bacterial vaginosis can cause premature labor, premature birth, infection of the amniotic fluid, and infection of the uterus. You doctor will probably test for bacterial vaginosis early in your pregnancy. Any unusual discharge during pregnancy should be reported immediately to your doctor or mid-wife.

Is there a safe, natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis?

Enzara, a product manufactured by Selmedica Healthcare is a very good, natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis. It eliminates the need for antibiotics so you can treat your problem without getting another problem.

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By: Margaret Albright

This is the end of a 2 part series article.
Part 1 is here.

Sponsored by: Bacterial Vaginosis Breakthrough


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Poly Muthumbi said...

I could also encourage any suffering woman out there in the name of BACTERIAL VAGINAL INFECTION. to monitor her personal hygiene standards so as to aggravate her problem. Avoiding poor diet and stressful situations could also reduce the chances of experiencing the traumatizing hurdles of bacterial vaginal infections.