Thursday, September 6, 2007

Eat Right Foods and Move Closer to Good Health

We all have to eat food, for it is an integral part of living. However there are two things to it. You can eat food just to fill your tummy and satisfy your hunger instincts. Else you can join the gang of people who wish to follow an intelligent and meaningful living. Some of us may think what do foods have to do with intelligence.

Foods that we consume on every day basis contain significant components needed by our body to function efficiently. Foods are not mere agents to energize life processes. As we age, randomness and disorderliness becomes the pattern of every aspect of life process. This becomes more and more arrayed with time so much so that the otherwise normal functions become out of tune and away from the normal behavior. Although not much can be done to prevent these age related anomalies. But one of the significant and time-tested ways to do so is by way of eating and living right.

Research studies have found certain foods contain unique properties to control and arrest the aging process. Creased skin, grey hair and deformation in the body parts are the external manifestation of the deeper undercurrents of some thing going amiss and irregular. Remember to eat certain foods and enjoy a long disease free living. Foods have the capability to manipulate the expression of gene regulation. Foods rich in antioxidants protect cells from damage and thus prolong their viability and life. You can induce your body to function like another being half your age by eating right in quality and quantity. For best results eat food in small servings several times a day instead of eating huge amounts in one go.

• Try to intake fresh extra-virgin olive oil as cooking medium and as salad dressing as much as possible. The oil contains a valuable ingredient called oleocanthal. It has been found that oleocanthal has the capacity to inhabit the action of enzymes that cause inflammation associated with dementia, stroke, heart diseases besides cancer and multiple sclerosis. You can also massage your scalp and body with olive oil and revive the old, dead skin to rejuvenation.

• After meals give it a try to consume a glass of fresh pomegranate juice and find your way to good health. Pomegranate juice contains precious enzymes that helps to dissolve cholesterol, slows down the over production of enzymes that erode the protective layer over bones and cartilages causing their irreparable destruction leading to osteoarthritis.

• Furthermore women facing difficulty in conceiving can benefit greatly from the potential benefit of this Persian fruit by way of drinking a glass of fresh unstained glass of pomegranate juice for at least three months.

• Consume at least two serving of fatty oily fish like cod, tuna and salmon three times a week. Else make it a point to intake cod liver oil capsules which also contain the beneficial omega 3- fatty considered good for thwarting the ill effects of cholesterol. This ingredient cannot be synthesized in the human body and has to be supplemented externally.

• Spices on the likes of turmeric, black pepper, chilies, cumin and condiments like fresh parsley, coriander leaves go miles in helping body function efficiently. Consumption of curries containing these have helped prevent the occurrence of cancer especially of the pancreatic and of colon-rectal, Alzheimer’s disease and others.

• Green tea contains flavinoids and many antioxidants.

• Make sure to steam your food. Avoid cooking on high fire. Consume a lot of green and colored veggies besides seasonal fruits.

• Avoid canned and preserved foods. Eat food cooked fresh.

• Intake a lot of liquids primarily water. You can make fresh squash and other liquids rich in Vitamin C.

• Fresh juices help maximally if you consume it unstained and without supplementing it with salts. Unstained juices are rich in fiber so good in the overall digestion and absorption of foods. Salts when added, alter the structure of vitamins and minerals contained in juice by way of oxidation-reduction process and lessen the goodness to an extent.

• Don’t forget to socialize with relative and friends who make you feel good. There is nothing wrong about harmless gossips to pep up your life.

• Try to walk as much as possible or undertake other exercises preferably outdoor games.

• Ample rest, sleep, sunshine and fresh air are well liked by our body…so ensure it gets them a lot of it.

By Rosy Vohra

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